All New

I have a new online home! There is a reason for this move and it's something I've been thinking about doing for a long time now but something finally forced my hand today to make the switch. Read on!

So I have had the week of all weeks. And not in a good way.

At the start of the week, actually from Sunday really, we started putting up some new shelving in my studio. I had managed to get ONE little wrong piece initially and that just caused mayhem for the next three days. We tried work arounds and I took multiple trips back to the store to get the right bits. I then somehow managed to get MORE wrong pieces which had to be returned and exchanged and more screws were needed and another masonry drill bit was needed (for a very tough wall) and well, to cut a long story short, it took 3 days in total to get these shelves up.

They're up now and I'm really happy with them because it frees up a lot more space in the studio. I spent Tuesday night and half of Wednesday sorting the studio out and getting it back to a state where I could actually function and do some work.

So there went the first three of days of this week.

Then an almighty storm ripped through the entire state of South Australia on Wednesday, the same day my husband went away on a business trip, leaving us without power for a while. Making dinner in the dark was fun and we had hot chocolate & marshmallows by candlelight. SO it wasn't all bad. I know there were parts of South Australia who were hit very hard and so I'm not complaining at all. The power came back a lot quicker than I expected it to so hats off to the people who sort that kind of stuff out.

And then the worst thing this week happened last night and that was that someone decided to tell me in no uncertain terms that my notebooks were "horrible". Now, as a creative, sensitive type of person (I'm pretty sure that any creative person will know what I'm talking about here) it is a terribly hurtful thing to hear someone talk about your work in that way especially when you've had a bad week and are feeling all doubt-y about things in general anyway. I'm open to construcive critisisms but there are ways of saying things, you know.

The straw that broke the camel's back came this morning. I woke up to find that my entire website database was gone. GONE. Everything gone, from 2008 when I first started it. I have no idea how it has happened and quite frankly I haven't got the time or energy or inclination to even try to find out what happened or rectify something that is as broken as this and it could potentially happen again anytime. So I'm putting my efforts into starting a fresh. I have made the move and this is my first post. Hooray!

To end on a positive note, with this freshness, this new start, a brand new beginning, I'm making a commitment to blogging more regularly, something that had been severely neglected in my old web space AND I'll also be trying to toughen up my fragile outer shell.