America the Beautiful to Color

Towards the end of 2016 I began work on a new colouring book, my third with HarperCollins. The new book celebrates all the good things about America, such a diverse and interesting country. I certainly learned a thing or two while I was doing this book about the geography of the vast country.


This book was slightly different from the previous two books that I had done with HarperCollins in that it was a lot more literal in subject matter. It was challenging at times and I honestly didn't think I was going to finish it because not only was I working on it right throughout Christmas & New Year (our summer holidays) but also, right in the middle of the project we had some family news that really, no one ever wants to hear. But, I continued because I'd made a commitment to the publisher, my amazing client, and to myself.

I'm even happier with the finished book than I thought I would be. I just received my first printed copy!

It's available from early May from all good bookstores!