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America the Beautiful to Color

Zoe Ingram

Towards the end of 2016 I began work on a new colouring book, my third with HarperCollins. The new book celebrates all the good things about America, such a diverse and interesting country. I certainly learned a thing or two while I was doing this book about the geography of the vast country.


This book was slightly different from the previous two books that I had done with HarperCollins in that it was a lot more literal in subject matter. It was challenging at times and I honestly didn't think I was going to finish it because not only was I working on it right throughout Christmas & New Year (our summer holidays) but also, right in the middle of the project we had some family news that really, no one ever wants to hear. But, I continued because I'd made a commitment to the publisher, my amazing client, and to myself.

I'm even happier with the finished book than I thought I would be. I just received my first printed copy!

It's available from early May from all good bookstores!

Bootcamp for artists

Zoe Ingram

Just like a bootcamp for your body, to get you moving and exercise those stiff muscles, I like to do this with my brain every once in a while too via my agent's online classes. Assignment Bootcamp presents 1 assignment spread out over a month. It is aimed at developing portfolios and really just having fun creating some new fresh work. It's just what I need right now and I'm really enjoying it although time has been tight.

Last month, we were invited to design an abstract pattern for a backpack. This is what I came up with. A nice relaxed start to the 5 months of assignments ahead.

April's assignment was a bit tougher on the old grey matter. We had to create a mind map editorial piece highlighting 5 brave things that we have done. Here is what I came up with.

Cards for Madison Park Greetings

Zoe Ingram

I'm so happy to share a couple of the new cards that I have now licensed with Madison Park Greetings. Back in 2008 I dipped my toe in the licensing world and Madison Park Greetings were my first ever clients, I am proud to say. All these years later, I'm really happy to say that I am still working with them. These cards have a little bit of sparkly fun on them!

Surtex 2017 - NYC

Zoe Ingram

I made a little video of the making of my Surtex Flyer for this year. I won't be travelling to NYC this year unfortunately so I will miss seeing everyone. I'm sure it'll be a fun filled 3 days at the LRS booth which is #2810.

Earth Nymph

Zoe Ingram

I was asked to create two designs for children's apparel a while back. One was an under the sea, tropical fish theme and the other, Californ-i-a! Love working on these and an Australian company too.

Lilla's Menagerie 2017

Zoe Ingram

The first of it's kind, the weird and wonderful Lilla's Menagerie took place earlier this year.

The aim was to showcase new work to Art Directors without the hassle of travelling to a trade show which involves lots of organisation and a fair chunk of money too. To enable our clients to see brand new work, all in one place, from the comfort of their laptop, Lilla and our agents decided to give this a try and it was a great success.

Here are a few pieces I created especially for the Menagerie. If you are a Art Director/Art Buyer and you'd like to see more of my work or commission some new work please contact Lilla Rogers Studio.

The Last Message Received

Zoe Ingram

If ever there was an emotionally charged, challenging book to illustrate, it is certainly this one. Without doubt one of the best projects I have worked on so far in my career.

The book is edited by Emily Trunko from the popular tumblr named "The Last Message Received" where viewers are encouraged to submit their last messages received from significant others, ex friends or past lovers.

As I began to illustrate this book and get my head around the downright sadness, the compilation of messages had me all teary and a lip quivering mess. But we got through. Art direction from Nicole De Las Heras was immensely good and the finished book just blows me away.

Find the book here or in any good bookstore.

Escape Pop Up Market

Zoe Ingram

I was asked by Etsy Adelaide and Market to Market to participate in the upcoming pop up market which is bringing together the very best of SA's artists and designers. This ONE-OFF SPECIAL FRIDAY event will be the perfect way to end the working week and find some amazing and talented local artists and designer creations.

Come along for a fun night!

WHEN: Friday 7th April 2017, from 5pm
WHAT: Art, design, shopping, food, wine and live entertainment