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A new year

A new year is here. I hope it’s a very happy one for all of you. I’m starting the year off with a bit of creative bootcamp with my agent Lilla Rogers. I’m feeling a bit rusty because I haven’t really picked up a pen or pencil for over a month now. This first week is all about playing and making mistakes and making drawings and paintings that are dreadful and being ok with that. Getting the ideas out.

So, I’m drawing the contents of my bag this week. I don’t know why, it’s a mystery to me at this moment in time but I will find out what it’ll be for next week.

I don’t have anything particularly interesting in my bag, or so I thought. When you take a closer look there are details and meanings in everything. Now, I never used to be a bag person. If I was ever going out with friends, I would just carry my purse and keys in my hand. No bag. But I have found that, especially after having kids, that you really do need to take a bag everywhere you go and with everything but the kitchen sink in it. Now that they are a bit older now though, I have managed to whittle my bag lady tendencies down again to the essentials. Keys, phone, purse, glasses, tissues, pencil case (an entirely separate little bag all of it’s own) and a magical lip conditioner and paw paw ointment which works wonders for everything.


  • Lesley Kemp
    August 31, 2018

    Love your drawings/sketches. I would like to learn how to be looser with my attempts at sketching.


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